Jemond Burke Explains Why Commercial Real Estate is Gaining in Popularity With Investors

Jemond Burke

February 24, 2021

Jemond Burke

Looking to Make a New Investment? Find Out From Jemond Burke Why Commercial Real Estate is Gaining in Popularity Among Investors

Jemond Burke, a real estate executive, has seen how real estate has evolved and changed over the years. Traditionally, when people invest in real estate, they invest in a rental home or a vacation property. However, times are changing, and more and more people are beginning to see the value of investing in commercial real estate, including office space, shopping centers, and apartment or condo buildings. If one is looking for an investment opportunity, learn why more investors are flocking toward commercial investments than ever before.

Jemond Burke Explains That One Can Pool Money With Other Investors
Jemond Burke explains that one of the reasons why commercial real estate is gaining in popularity with investors is because one can pool their money with other investors. If one wants to invest $20,000, pool their money with other investors and fund a commercial construction project. It is much different with residential real estate, however. One typically invests alone, which means one may have to invest larger amounts of money for rental homes or vacation homes.

Jemond Burke States That Commercial Investments Have a High Yield
Jemond Burke states that the second reason commercial investments are gaining popularity is that they have a high yield. This means that one can get a higher return rate for one’s money by investing in commercial real estate investments, ultimately earning more money.

Jemond Burke Details How Many Options One Has With Commercial Real Estate Investing
Jemond Burke says the final reason commercial real estate is gaining in popularity with investors is that there are many commercial real estate products to invest in. One can invest in the construction process of buildings. Once the building is completed and sold, one is then able to make a profit. One can invest in retail buildings. With these buildings, you can earn money by renting the building and earning income each month when tenants pay rent. There are far more investment opportunities in commercial real estate than residential real estate, genuinely allowing one to find the investment project that makes sense for their financial goals and needs.

Each person has to decide where to invest their money based on their specific circumstances. When looking for new investment opportunities, Jemond Burke, a real estate executive, says that commercial real estate investments may be the right option. With so many commercial real estate investments available and historically low-interest rates, now may be the time to jump into the commercial real estate investing pool.

When Looking Into Something New to Invest In, Consider Taking Jemond Burke’s Advice and Considering Commercial Real Estate Investments